Regular City Council meetings start at 6:30 p.m.


The Engineering Department

The Engineering Department acts as a service agency for Sewer, Water, Planning and Public Works projects.  Projects are given to the Engineering Department by other departments for design and review.  The Engineering Department then surveys the project area, creates topographic maps and designs the project.  The department produces plans and specifications for the proposed project.  The plans then go through a review process involving interdepartmental meetings, affected outside agencies, and community members.  After the plans have been reviewed and necessary changes have been made, the plans go before City Council for approval.  Once Council approves, the project moves forward to the bid stage.  During construction of the project, the Engineering Department oversees the project to ensure conformity to plans and specifications.

In addition, the Engineering Department is involved in the preparation of City Standards, formal Requests for Proposals for engineering related professional services contracts, the Technical Advisory Committee for the City, and the review of private development plans and specifications.

Departmental Objectives:

1. Facilitate communication with community members to achieve designs for city projects which incorporate community needs.
2. Develop a citywide mapping system that includes all infrastructure and utilities.
3. Share survey information to assist residents with their projects.
4. Provide support to departments within the city.
5. Develop a construction management and inspection program to ensure quality control for city projects.

Current Projects:
Holly Street Sewer Line Replacement Project
Main Street Water Line Replacement Project, Phase 2
Quail Meadows Lift Station
Van Lane Storm Drain

Past Projects:
Central Street Rehabilitation Project
Davis Creek Crossing
Main Street Water Line Replacement Project, Phase 1
Wastewater Treatment Plant Project
West Commercial Rehabilitation Project

If you have comments about any current projects, please contact us at:

Engineering Department
380 E. Commercial St.
Willits, CA 95490