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Willits Solar Array

Perpetual Energy Systems Launches 422 kW DC Solar Energy Project In Northern California

City of Willits Water Treatment Plant Host Site for Solar Panels

Harrison, NY and Willits, Calif. – December 1, 2008: Perpetual Energy Systems (PES), a leading comprehensive financier of photovoltaic solar energy systems today announces the launch of its newest project hosted at the City of Willits Water Treatment Plant. The project guarantees a reduction in energy costs and has the capacity to generate approximately 530,000 kilowatt hours AC (kWh) per year to meet 100 percent of the plant’s current power needs.

PES financed the development and installation of the Willits systems, at no cost to the City, utilizing conventional financing and equity raised through the federal renewable energy tax credit. This custom financial program not only meets the City’s water treatment plant energy and budgetary needs, but offers of the City of Willits reduced utility costs by purchasing electricity generated by the renewable and perpetual solar energy system at the Willits Water Treatment Plant.

“We are honored to work with an innovative and forward-thinking city committed to sustainable energy,” says Laurance Friedman, co-chair of Perpetual Energy Systems. “This public-private partnership is a true testament to how a privately-held company and a municipality can work together to reduce a city’s impact on the environment.”

The City of Willits began its move towards becoming a sustainable community in 2004 when it partnered with the Willits Economic LocaLization (WELL), a citizen’s organization created to foster a sustainable, local economy based on the principles of sufficiency, responsibility and life promoting actions. The City and WELL worked with the Renewable Energy Development Institute, a professional services organization specializing in renewable energy project development, to solicit a solar project in Willits.

“Even as a community of 5,000 residents, we feel it is important to do the most we can to reduce or eliminate our impact on the environment,” says Holly Madrigal, mayor of the City of Willits. “Hosting solar energy systems at our water treatment plant not only reduces the city’s energy consumption and costs over the next 25 years, the project reaffirms our commitment to being a ‘green’ community.”

The project was developed and installed by Stellar Energy Solutions, a leading commercial solar integrator in California.  Bud Garman and Sons and Solaris, Inc., both local sub-contractors, were used in the project for site preparation and mechanical and electrical installation.

“We have been involved with the installation of solar energy systems across the Unites States and now that the state of California has adopted the $3.2 billion solar energy initiative, it is very encouraging to see smaller municipalities like Willits supporting the development of sustainable energy,” said Michael Raspolich, vice president of Stellar Energy Solutions.

For more information about the City of Willits Water Treatment Plant Solar Energy Project or to speak with a representative of Perpetual Energy Systems or the City of Willits, please contact Marlena DeFalco at 303-682-3943 or

About Perpetual Energy Systems
Perpetual Energy Systems is a comprehensive developer of solar powered renewable energy systems, providing solar energy power to industrial, commercial and municipal enterprises. Without the need for capital expenditure outlays, recipients benefit from reduced utility costs, access to sustainable energy sources and a significant reduction in carbon outputs through clean energy technology.  Perpetual combines renewable energy tax credits with conventional financing to achieve the design, construction, installation and operations of large-scale solar energy systems.  For more information, please contact Laurance Friedman at 914-777-2224 or visit them at

About the City of Willits
Willits is a city located in Mendocino County, California. As the Heart of Mendocino County and the Gateway to the Redwoods, the city of Willits is the eastern terminus of the California Western Railroad, running through the Coast Redwood forests to coastal Fort Bragg. After working with the Willits Economic LocaLization program, the city is working to become one of the country’s most sustainable communities. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 5,073. For more information about Willits, CA please visit

About Stellar Energy Solutions
Stellar Energy Solutions is a California-based solar systems integrator, designing and installing solar energy systems for corporate, non-profit, educational and governmental facilities nationwide. For more information contact Keith Rutledge at 707-395-3208 or visit the Stellar website at

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